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In much the same way that the United States is seen by many as a melting pot of cultures, Peru is a rich mixture of cultures and fusion of international flavors. With the influx of cultures from around the world, a sprinkle of African, a dash of Spanish, a smidge of Italian, a hint of Japanese and a pinch of Chinese - people and ingredients were added to the traditions, flavors, and ingredients of the Inka and other Andean people. This resulted in the creation of a new cuisine that while paying homage to all of its Inkan roots. Taste it and you immediately recognize it as something different, something new, something that is simply Spicy, Peruvian, and Authentic!!  


What many do not know about the Jaime family is that they originated the very first AJI VERDE. Yes, the famous 'Peruvian green sauce' or Aji Verde does not actually exist in Peru. Our famous green sauce was developed while trying to create a versatile sauce for El Pollo Inka restaurants using ingredients easily sourced in a Los Angeles supermarket. Aji Verde is the Jaime family's contribution and tribute to Peru's influence-absorbing culinary culture. Many of our long-time customers have returned from trips to Peru telling us that "they could not find the green sauce anywhere."

Many versions of our original spicy green sauce are now found in Peruvian restaurants all over the United States, predominantly in the Los Angeles area. Peruvian-Americans are no strangers our spicy green sauce, and we've recently started to see it popping up in other countries like Spain! We hope one day our sauce can find it's way back to Peru and be incorporated in Peruvian restaurants, Peruvian kitchens and paired with Peruvian cuisine amongst Peruvian locals in their hometowns - our impact on Peruvian Cuisine will come full circle. 

Inka Wasi was opened in 2010 with the goal of serving the same authentic Peruvian food with the same fresh ingredients and spices as El Pollo Inka in a fast casual, quick service setting. You can now enjoy our signature Pollo a la Brasa (Rotisserie Chicken), our best-selling Lomo Saltado, our original famous Aji Verde (Spicy Green sauce) , and many more of your favorites in a quick convenient way. We look forward to awakening your taste buds and spicing up your life!

Inka Wasi Founding Family


the Inka family

In the United States, there is no concept more timeless than the American Dream. Born in Peru, Rosa Jaime immigrated to the United States in search of a better life for herself, her business, and her family. Along the way, she revolutionized Peruvian cuisine and grew her business to be larger than she could've ever imagined. Discover how Rosa Jaime came to personify the everlasting ideal that brought her to this country in the first place.

FUJIFILM - Shot on X  Series Spotlight

We traveled through Peru with Fujifilm to showcase unique Peruvian culture, landscapes, and cuisine. Come with us and learn about the Peruvian lifestyle that inspired Rosa Jaime's passion to cook and share her unique food with the world.

Shot On X Series is a compilation of short films exploring the people, places, and ideas that shape today's world. The series is shot entirely on FUJIFILM cameras and lenses, showcasing how the X Series system can create stunning video content for both the consumer and professional creative.

Manifesting the American Dream

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Shot On X Series: Peruvian Dream

Shot On X Series: Peruvian Dream

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Inka Wasi is a fast casual concept brought to you by El Pollo Inka family. Founded in 2010, we specialize in authentic Peruvian recipes. The fresh Ceviche and addictive Salchipapas are only rivaled by our mouth watering Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken (Pollo a la Brasa) paired with our famous signature green AJI VERDE (green sauce) hot sauce. We use only the freshest ingredients and spices imported from Peru.


Peruvian food is part Inkan, part Spanish with a mix of African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian influences. The Inkas gave us the potatos, quinoa, chili peppers and corn. The Spanish brought cattle (Lomo Saltado), citrus fruit, wheat and rice. Africans introduced vinegar-marinated heart beef on skewers (Anticucho). Soy sauce and stir-fry cooking (Saltados) were introduced by the Chinese. This is what makes us unique. We take pride in embracing so many different cultures through our cooking. Fusion Cuisine  is not a new concept for Peru, many believe Peruvian food is original fusion food. 


Our family’s vision is to have people from all over the world experience and embrace the flavors of Peru through our restuarant. We believe Inka Wasi is a place where culture thrives and where happy memories are created.

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